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Solving thermal management and heat transfer problems has been a primary focus since Modine Manufacturing was founded in 1916. Our success in applying technology is most evident in the products, modules and systems we provide to our customers.

Over the years, our heat transfer solutions have set industry standards for efficiency, economy and durability. And with more than 2,400 patents, we remain the leading innovator in the field.

We have the following resources available to support your global heating or cooling needs:

  • More than 600 engineers and 35 Ph.D.'s ready to solve your heat transfer problems.

  • Virtual engineering tools that allow us to design, engineer and test new solutions without creating physical prototypes.

Find out how our newest Technical Center in Bonlanden, Germany is prepared to provide you with groundbreaking thermal innovations by reading our latest brochure in English or German.

Our technical centers in Racine and Bonlanden are equipped with state-of-the-art wind tunnels. To get an idea on what these wind tunnels have to offer, click here to read our latest Bonlanden Wind Tunnel brochure in English or German.