Environmental Initiatives

Modine maintains a Global Environmental Policy that applies to all locations worldwide.  Through our Environmental Management System (EMS), we have certified most of our manufacturing facilities to the ISO14001:2015 standards, helping to ensure that environmental opportunities are identified and improvements implemented to reduce Modine’s environmental footprint.  Modine has a long history of environmental stewardship – we initially established a waste minimization program back in 1990 and have updated our environmental initiatives annually since that time.  We have set corporate targets for the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions and water consumption, and every facility globally is actively involved with improvement projects to minimize their environmental impact.

Product Initiatives

Many customers look to us to help them address their commitment to mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting the environment. Our “green” applications reflect Modine’s sense of environmental responsibility. In addition to the examples below, Modine continues to extend its reach into energy conservation products, such as hybrid battery cooling and innovative heat recovery.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

Modine has developed EGR coolers for light and heavy duty vehicles. EGR coolers capture the exhaust gas from an engine, cool it, remove many of its harmful chemicals, and then recirculate the gas back through the engine. By doing so, the emission of smog-producing pollutants and greenhouse gases is reduced.

Airedale Product Line

Modine’s Airedale product line continues to push the boundaries and lead the market in chiller development, and includes Modine’s PF® micro-channel technology, making this one of the most efficient and compact products on the market.  Working in schools for over 90 years, Airedale is a trusted leader in HVAC systems in educational institutions

Heating Products

The Effinity is the most efficient gas-fired heater in North America. Benefits include significantly reduced running costs and carbon output.

The Lodronic™ low-temperature hot water unit heater was designed and engineered specifically for use with high-efficiency boilers.

Advanced Cooling System for Buses

Modine’s new cooling system utilizes lightweight, high-strength heat exchanger technology to meet the latest clean air requirements and improve fuel economy on transit buses. Variable speed brushless fan (EFAN) technology is used to control temperatures in diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid applications, and is also part of pioneering fuel-cell powered transit buses.