Custom Designed Modules

Off Highway GensSet Module

Custom Designed Modules – GenSet

Modine GenSet module designs offer effective solutions to adapt aluminum products while maintaining the performance and durability demands required for prime power and stand-by applications. Our aluminum modules are lighter and more economical versus conventional modules with copper-brass components.

Our modules can consist of Heavy Duty Welded Tube or Bar-Plate aluminum heat exchanger components. Multiple heat exchangers are assembled in either one or two planes and plumbed together to achieve performance requirements. We can also assembly fan shrouds, deaeration tanks, and mounting features to meet the customer’s specifications.

Features and Benefits

  • Modine cooling modules are designed to be lighter and more economical than conventional modules with copper-brass components.
  • Modine delivers customized, fully designed modules that can be directly installed on the OEM’s assembly line.

We continue to build on the advantage of custom designed module innovations to provide high-performance and high-value cooling for GenSet applications.

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