Modine’s commercial and industrial solutions for HVAC/R markets are among the broadest in the world – the result of many decades of growth, development, and acquisition. The ECO®, Heatcraft®, and Coiltech® brands are widely known for quality, performance, and engineering. We utilize many types of materials – copper, aluminum, stainless and carbon steels, and admiralty brass – to produce a technology that best fits the customer’s requirement.


Modine CIS designs and manufactures cleanable coolers for electric motors and generator cooling where untreated sea or lake water is used. The motor/generator coolers are used for the cooling air via circulating water and can be installed for either horizontal or vertical airflow.


Modine designs coolers that are specific to on site applications. Our industrial heat exchangers and coolers are designed to work in even the most hostile conditions, whether at high temperatures, high pressures, or where the environment is highly corrosive.


Processing industries generally involve manufacturing and production facilities, and with them come heat – the kind of heat you might find at any oil, gas, or chemical refinery, or paper and pulp mill. Sometimes excessive heat can put tremendous stress on production equipment, facilities, and people. Modine Heatcraft® heat transfer products have been integral in providing cooling solutions for the oil and gas industry, as well as chemical processing operations.


Product reliability takes on a whole new meaning given the extreme performance and durability demands of a Mining machine’s environment. Modine engineers work to develop heat exchanger designs that achieve the requirements of the market, and collaborate with customers to integrate our products to meet their needs.


Modine GenSet module Heavy Duty Welded Tube or Bar Plate aluminum heat exchangers offer effective solutions to adapt aluminum products while maintaining the performance and durability requirements required for prime power and stand-by applications. Our aluminum modules are lighter and more economical versus conventional modules with copper-brass components.


Modine engine component design and application teams introduce innovative designs in customer-driven package configurations, while at the same time increasing heat-transfer efficiency and offering higher reliability

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