Thermal Performance Testing

About Thermal Performance Testing


Three separate laboratories provide calorimetry capability to support product development and validation activities. These laboratories can also support field test activities, including assessment of in-vehicle thermal management performance of components and sub-systems.

The Refrigeration Laboratory addresses two-phase heat transfer of traditional, vapor-compression refrigeration cycle condensers, and evaporators.

The Thermal Laboratory addresses single phase heat-transfer of radiators, charge-air coolers, oil and fuel coolers.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler (EGR-C) Laboratory specializes in high-temperature single-phase heat-transfer testing.

All four laboratories provide a wide variety of stable fluid inputs with flow rate, temperature, and pressure control to establish the fundamental thermodynamic characteristics of heat exchangers and systems.


The calorimeters are similar to the simplified diagram shown above. Various test fluids are available.

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