As automotive manufacturers drive to more efficient solutions for fuel economy and performance, powertrain thermal management components must be optimized for heat transfer, weight, vehicle integration and total costs. Hybridization and electrification of powertrains increases the need for highly efficient thermal management solutions.

With the advent of stringent emissions regulations and improved fuel economy standards, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler (EGR-C) has become a critical component in both diesel and gasoline engine systems to reduce NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions and improve fuel economy. This is accomplished by returning cooled exhaust gas back to the engine. The EGR-C is designed to cool this recirculated exhaust gas with coolant, thereby reducing its volume and increasing its density. Modine was one of the first heat exchanger manufacturers to market with a light-duty automotive EGR-C.

Additionally, Modine works closely with the OEMs and intake manifold suppliers to integrate the LCAC into the intake manifold system for optimized performance and packaging. LCACs have typically been used as an aftercooler to cool the hot charge air to an acceptable level before entering the engine. With the introduction of series turbocharging, intercooling has also become necessary to reduce the charge air temperatures prior to being directed to the second compressor stage. This allows original equipment manufacturers flexibility to use lower cost materials for this second compressor.


Key Features Exclusively from Modine

  • Modine is the manufacturer of the original Donut™ compact oil cooler. The advantage of the Donut oil cooler was that it could be installed at the oil filter location without external lines. Today, we continue to build on this advantage of oil cooling innovations to provide compact, lightweight, high-performance and high value cooling no matter the design or material.
  • Modine provides vacuum-brazed Layered-Core (LC) heat exchangers with optional integrated thermal expansion valve and stamped cooling plates with turbulators for battery temperature control. These heat exchangers ensure dependable temperature regulation, ultimately contributing to battery longevity and expanded driving cycles.
  • Our controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) PF products offer excellent corrosion resistance and flexible design capabilities with low pressure-drop. The result is an incredibly lightweight, efficient, and long-life durable product.
  • Modine’s long history of integrating complex designs into compact solutions delivers the lowest installation cost at the highest efficiency.

Radiators and Cooling Modules


Modine Radiators and Cooling Modules are compact, lightweight and deliver high performance. Vehicle aero-dynamic and safety specifications require the cooling module or radiator to be even more efficient in a compact frontal area. Modine’s aluminum welded tube radiators and cooling modules have been proven in a variety of automotive applications, including hybrid and electrified powertrains, to remove generated heat from various sources on the vehicle.

PF Condensers, Oil Coolers and Combo-Coolers


Performance, packaging and flexibility are delivered by our parallel flow aluminum condensers, oil coolers and combo-coolers. Modine’s PF® Condensers, Oil Coolers and Combo-Coolers products are compact, lightweight, durable and highly efficient. Modine’s PF oil coolers are used for a variety of cooling needs including engine, transmission, and hydraulic oil as well as fuel cooling. Our highly efficient PF condensers cool high-pressure refrigerant vapor by condensing it into a liquid refrigerant. For system cost savings and packaging flexibility Modine also offers our PF condenser complete with an integrated receiver drier.

Charge-Air Coolers


Modine aluminum Charge-Air Coolers deliver increased horsepower, reduced emission levels and better fuel economy. A charge-air cooler (CAC) is used to cool engine intake air after it passes through the compressor (either turbocharger or supercharger) prior to Modine CACs are manufactured using either controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) or vacuum brazing processes and are available with either aluminum cast or glass-reinforced nylon tanks.

Battery Cooling & Heating


When optimum performance of lithium-ion batteries is desired, Modine’s advanced Battery Cooling & Heating solutions regulate the battery’s temperature within an optimal operating range in all conditions through transferring heat in the two-phase heat transfer process from the battery coolant through a battery chiller. Modine can support region-specific refrigerant requirements such as R134a and R1234yf.

Oil Coolers


Modine aluminum LC and plate Oil Coolers ensure optimal operating temperatures in a compact package. Our state-of-the-art, highly efficient, compact LCOCs are formed into custom-designed plate profiles to match customer specifications and integration needs. The coolers are made of aluminum using vacuum or controlled atmosphere brazing. The LCOC’s design permits adjacent installation at the oil filter location on most engines or transmissions.

Liquid-Cooled Charge-Air Coolers


Compact and integrated aluminum Liquid-Cooled Charge-Air Coolers improve power, fuel economy, emissions and packaging. Liquid-cooled charge-air coolers (LCACs) help enable diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers to meet stringent emissions regulations and to improve fuel economy. LCACs are also used as an alternative to an air-to-air charge-air cooler. LCACs are used in conjunction with a low-temperature coolant circuit to reduce the temperature of the charge-air into the intake manifold to help meet engine emission requirements and achieve enhanced fuel economy.

EGR Coolers


Modine Stainless Steel EGR (exhaust gas recirculation coolers) are critical to reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy by lowering combustion temperature. Modine offers highly efficient, vacuum-brazed, stainless steel tube bundle and tube-and-insert designs that are well suited to the durability and performance requirements of the automotive market. An EGR-C can be optimized for performance by varying fin densities and/or geometries and can be customized to your installation.

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