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We are now living on a planet that runs on data. Connectivity underpins everything we do, and the data center industry is constantly evolving to keep up with not only demand, but also its environmental responsibilities.

At one end of the scale, data centers are getting larger, putting pressure on natural resources and supply chains.  At the other end, technology advancements like AI are moving data processing nearer to the source, creating the need for flexible and powerful edge solutions.

With this growth comes responsibility.  As data centers consume an increasing share of natural resources, the industry must work together with its supply chain to minimize its impact on the environment without compromising availability.

From small computer rooms to hyperscale, Airedale has an unrivaled pedigree in providing flexible, high efficiency data center cooling solutions. Our systems approach and ability to combine hardware and software ensures that your data center works smarter, not harder, to give you more cooling for less power and ensure a stable environment and availability 24/7.

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We believe that air conditioning has a critical role to play in an increasingly connected world. We also passionately believe that air conditioning equipment must play a responsible part in an era where sustainability is key to the preservation of our planet.

Whether you need to maintain productive and healthy working environments for people or optimized operating envelopes for critical equipment, we can offer a tailored solution based on world-class products, industry-leading design, intelligent software, and unrivaled end-to-end customer support.

We are a world leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative, high efficiency thermal management solutions.

With over 45 years of experience, we provide complete cooling solutions that encompass precision air conditioning, IT cooling systems, chillers, condensers/dry coolers, and air handling units.

We have significant expertise in the design and integration of Building Management Systems and HVAC controls, and all of our solutions are supported by a full suite of support services; from commissioning, maintenance, and refurbishment/upgrades, to comprehensive spares support and training – all delivered by experts with many years of industry experience.



Mission critical cooling has been Airedale’s core focus since 1974. Our range of precision air conditioning solutions has been designed for a wide range of applications where close control, high precision air conditioning is essential – including data centers (from single server rooms through to hyperscale), telecom switching stations, medical operating theaters, and clean room environments.

Airedale’s precision cooling range includes cooling from 6kW – 1000kW, and each system maximizes energy efficiency and uptime.

Precision air conditioning systems/CRAC units are offered in a range of cooling options, including DX, free cooling, dual cool, chilled water, and inverter driven. We provide precision air conditioning units in both upflow and downflow configurations.

Optimized efficiency is delivered by way of EC fans, large surface area coils, simplified air paths, intelligent controls, and the latest in compressor technology.



AireWall is a new and innovative low energy cooling solution for mission-critical environments. This range of computer room air handlers (CRAHs) has been specially designed for low velocity air cooling in solid floor, high-density data center applications with hot-aisle containment.

The units are available in a 4, 6, or 8 fan configurations and have been engineered to the highest design and build standards you would expect from an Airedale precision unit, with the simplicity and effectiveness of a fan wall.

AireWall comprises a filter, fan bank, damper section, and an optimized high surface area chilled water coil. It also includes integrated intelligent controls that enable dynamic cooling output variation based on changing IT loads. It has also been designed to operate at low SFP to help achieve low installation PUE.

AireWall has been designed to operate in tandem with Airedale’s range of free cooling chillers, delivering a high efficiency cooling solution.



Our versatile range of high efficiency air cooled, water cooled, free cooling, and remote condenser chillers gives customers a wide choice of cooling capacities from 20kW up to 2MW. Designed to work in tandem with our precision air conditioning units, Airedale is able to offer complete HVAC systems for data centers that contribute significantly towards lower PUEs.

We offer a range of compressor types, including scrolls, centrifugal, and screw.  Industry-leading knowledge of free-cooling allows us to deliver the most energy efficient chillers on the market; Turbocor compressor technology provides the energy saving benefits of virtually free year-round cooling, delivering ESEER figures of up to 6.23.

The addition of microchannel coils and spray evaporators can significantly increase efficiency while reducing refrigerant charge. We offer a range of refrigerants, including lower GWP options like R32 and R1234ze.



Modine Dry Coolers are designed in a range of cooling capacities. We also have extensive global references in the data center sector.

With an extensive cooling capacity of up to 1,882kW, our range has been engineered using the very best dry cooling technology and components to increase efficiency and deliver improved performance.

All units are equipped with highly efficient coils that are made from special profile aluminum fins and copper tube.

Airedale applied thermal innovation can provide reliable and energy efficient adiabatic cooling systems, even in rigorous working conditions.

Designed to operate with much less water than traditional evaporative cooling towers and with no water accumulation or chemical treatment, Modine adiabatic coolers are better for the environment and for health.


IQity is Airedale’s IoT-enabled technology framework, revolutionising how cooling is connected, controlled and optimized.

As part of IQity, Airedale’s ACISBMS provides a scalable, future-proof building management system that operates and optimizes a wide range of building services across multiple platforms and protocols.

Proven in data center applications, ACIS provides a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates a wide range of monitoring, reporting, and diagnostic tools – putting the customer in complete control.

ACIS is designed to optimize data center HVAC systems, dynamically adjusting set points to optimize PUE. It also offers a sophisticated power management function, allowing clients to perform rapid root cause analysis on electrical events – key in an industry where strict SLAs are commonplace.

ACIS is built using the Tridium IoT framework with Airedale employing an in-house software development team with many years’ experience to seek out its absolute maximum potential. It uses standard industry protocols, allowing for integration of multiple third party devices and systems.

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