Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems – ACISTM


In today’s world, everything is connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) has billions of devices connected to it, giving humans access to more data than ever before.

Data, however, is just 1s and 0s; temperature readouts, voltage recordings, vibration, humidity, pressure, rpm – a recording of a physical event.

In order to make data work for a business, it must be analyzed. Then it becomes information. Information must be communicated in order for it to be understood. Then it can become an action, and when corroborated against further data collection, a result.


ACIS is an innovative, scalable, and future-proof software solution which has been specifically designed to realize the potential of IoT. It analyzes data to enhance system performance, drive down operating costs, and aid decision making for a wide range of building services.

ACIS has a simplistic and intuitive interface that allows users to manage HVAC and other building services, from any manufacturer, across multiple sites and through a single integrated system. It offers a wide range of monitoring, reporting, and diagnostic tools which enable total system efficiency to be evaluated, putting the user in complete control. It can also remotely and dynamically adjust equipment operating condition to maximize performance and efficiency.

ACIS is built using the Tridium IoT framework.  Modine’s in-house software development team has many years’ experience and can help systems seek out their absolute maximum potential.

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