As a world leader in thermo engineering, there is no room for compromise. We are committed to partnering with our customers to help them increase their competitiveness.  For our ECO™ and Coiltech™ products, we select only the highest quality, most technologically advanced materials and combine them with our expertise in engineering and manufacturing. The results – unsurpassed quality, startling performance, and trusted reliability.


Whether the indoor application is for home, office, industrial buildings, or ships, you will find Modine-branded coolers in telecom, data centers, and clean rooms.


Modine makes mobile applications for freight trucks, buses, heavy machinery, military, and rail.


When precision cooling is required for food storage and other applications, you will find Modine.  This includes food and bottle coolers, refrigerator cabinets, and truck transport container coolers.


Coolers for industrial applications include electrical motor and generator applications, high power transformer applications, power plants, and pulp dryers, along with heaters for wood and paper industries.


Modine is a full-service provider of OE and custom-designed replacement heat exchangers for the residential, industrial, and commercial HVAC/R markets. Our ability to offer microchannel, heat recovery, and round tube plate fin (RTPF) coils allows us to select the optimum heat exchanger for the customer’s application.

Branded under the name Heatcraft® since 1956, our coils are recognized as the best in the HVAC/R industry. Heatcraft® heat transfer coils are AHRI certified because we have confidence in what we build. We use only the highest-grade copper tube and sheet material, aluminum, and stainless steel to make our coils. We manufacture fluid coils, condensers, evaporators, steam coils, and booster coils.

Our OEM team can build one to one million coils. Our replacement coils are all custom designed to your specifications, and then built, tested, and shipped within days of receipt of your order.


Modine Heatcraft® heat transfer coils are likely to be found in most rooftop HVAC/R applications, from hotels and hospitals, to cleanrooms, apartment complexes, and residential equipment. From 6” to over 400”, Modine Heatcraft® is the name that building maintenance, mechanical engineers, and service professionals turn to. Commercial systems rely on our coils to operate efficiently within these mammoth cooling systems. Our coils are designed not only for dependability, but for efficiency. Modine innovation and engineering will design and build your coil to exact specifications for true form, fit, and function.

Every professional in the HVAC/R business for the past 60+ years knows the name Heatcraft® heat transfer and our reputation for quality and performance.


Industry generally involves manufacturing and production facilities, and with this comes heat – the kind of heat you might find at any oil, gas, or chemical refinery, or paper and pulp mill. Sometimes excessive heat can put tremendous stress on production equipment, facilities, and people. Modine Heatcraft® heat transfer products have been integral in providing cooling solutions for the oil and gas industry, as well as chemical processing operations.


Keeping it cool, cold, or frozen is what we do best. Modine Heatcraft® heat transfer coils will be found in your grocery coolers, C-store bottle coolers, and reach-in frozen food cases. Getting temperatures way down below freezing and maintaining that level is why so many depend on the name Heatcraft®. Craftsmanship and quality define excellence, and Modine ensures that all products are manufactured with the highest quality materials.

On the hottest summer days, Modine Heatcraft® is on the job, keeping your food and beverages cool, cold, or frozen.


In today’s world, we are a population on the move. Our society expects to be mobile and cool. Heatcraft® heat transfer coils are number one on and off the road. This same design is taken from our expertise in keeping busses, transit, and large construction and agricultural equipment cool and comfortable. From the excursion bus to city transportation, off-highway heavy machinery and the RV, Modine Heatcraft® brings cooling performance and reliability to your application.


Keeping a room properly chilled at precise temperatures in the heat of the desert is no probem for Modine Heatcraft®. We’ve been doing this for decades and are experts at precision HVAC. With online traffic rapidly expanding, computer data server centers are growing. These units generate intense heat. Modine Heatcraft® heat transfer coils help cool things down, keeping the temperature consistent and on the mark, so that data is preserved and orders are shipped on time.

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