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About Modine Testing Services

The durability and reliability of any product depends in part upon the duty cycle it will endure, the amount of pressure it will see, and the temperature extremes it will experience. Over the 100 years Modine has been in business, we have developed and perfected tests to verify design and replicate in-field experiences.

In Modine’s state-of-the-art testing centers, we combine comprehensive thermal and air management knowledge with dedicated test benches and wind tunnel capability to validate any customer application or test-for-hire need.


The Racine Technical Center conducts performance and durability evaluations for heat-transfer components, modules, or systems. The Racine Tech Center is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is audited for compliance with the laboratory requirement sections of ISO/TS 16949:2016 (as a remote location, providing test services for our manufactured products). Four major types of test capabilities have been established for the purpose of ensuring design adequacy for the intended use.

Fire Truck in Soak Room


Modine’s Environmental Chamber simulates extremely cold and hot temperatures and humidity all while providing steady state controllability for your testing.

WT2 Truck in Wind Tunnel


Modine’s Climate Controlled Vehicle Wind Tunnel simulates a wide range of controllable environmental conditions for steady state or dynamic testing requirements.



Our laboratories provide calorimetry capability for product development and validation for single or two-phase and isothermal pressure drop tests.



We offer durability and reliability testing of components and assemblies. We can perform vibration, thermal cycle, pressure cycle, and hydrostatic burst tests.

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Modine offers a complete program of testing services available to qualifying applicants.  To find if we can accommodate your testing objectives and receive your equipment, please contact us at 1-855-654-8378 or email modinetesting@modine.com for more information.

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