Environmental Chamber

About Modine’s Environmental Chamber


Modine’s Environmental Climate Chamber is capable of temperatures as cold as -40°C (-40°F) and as hot as 60° C (140°F), with humidity control from 5% to 95%, making our chamber the ideal choice for steady state extreme weather testing.

Since we can test from arctic cold to tropical heat at varying levels of humidity, you can fully understand the effects of almost any ambient temperature over any length of time by subjecting your battery electric vehicles, internal combustion vehicles, or various other types of vehicles and products to the extreme conditions in our environmental chamber. The chamber is large enough to test class 8 trucks, city busses, and other unique vehicle applications.

Modine’s Environmental Chamber is typically used to test HVAC systems in vehicle applications, such as A/C performance, heater performance, defrost performance, defog performance, A/C charge determination, cab pressurization, and HVAC louver airflow measurement.

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