Climatic Vehicle Wind Tunnel

About Modine’s Climatic Vehicle Wind Tunnel


Modine’s Climatic Vehicle Wind Tunnel is capable of wind speeds up to 240 KPH (150 MPH), temperatures as cold as -34°C (-30°F), and as hot as 55° C (131°F) with humidity control from 5% to 95%. Our Wind Tunnel is also equipped with a configurable, full-spectrum solar array and an adjustable wheel base, selectable AWD vehicle dynamometer, which makes our wind tunnel a prime alternative to dynamic on-location vehicle testing.

Take control of the effects of nearly any climate or place on earth and prove the design of your battery electric vehicles, internal combustion vehicles, or specialty vehicles and products in the extreme conditions of Modine’s Climatic Vehicle Wind Tunnel.

From motorcycles and passenger cars, to Class 8 trucks and city busses, Modine’s Climatic Vehicle Wind Tunnel is large enough to test them all. Typical tests include highway and city driving cycles, HVAC performance testing, overnight soak, startup, drive tests, EV battery charging tests, battery thermal management testing, thermal performance of engine cooling systems, and more!

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