The Modine Sustainability Report

A message from Neil Brinker, President and CEO

“Every day, Modine team members leverage our enduring legacy and technical expertise to engineer a cleaner, healthier world. As an organization dedicated to advancing technology solutions with sustainable impacts, we must continue to contribute to the urgent effort to improve the environment, conserve resources, reduce carbon and support climate action and resilience. On behalf of my colleagues across the globe, we thank you for reading our sustainability report, covering 2020 and 2021.”

Percent of sites
certified compliant with ISO 14001:2015 Standards in Environmental Management in 2021
Million pounds of CO2
emissions avoided through Modine's high-efficiency unit heaters since 2019
Tons of CO2eq
avoided as a result of adoption of next generation refrigerants in 2021
Million gallons of water
use avoided by deployment of Water Side Optimization systems in data centers in 2021
Million ft³ per minute
of fresh air provided to schools and classrooms around the world

Our Sustainability Pillars 

Sustainable Products

All around us, Modine products are quietly and powerfully improving our lives — seamlessly delivering protection, comfort and commerce while Engineering a Cleaner, Healthier World™

We provide customer-centric solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Improving Our Environment

Responsible stewardship of our planet and resources is important to Modine’s continued growth and success.

We frequently assess our operations and pursue opportunities that enhance efficient management of energy, water, waste and other resources.

Empowering Our People

At Modine, we empower our people to be catalysts for change in Engineering a Cleaner, Healthier World™

We foster a culture of inclusivity, fairness and safety for all employees, enabling our teams to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and communities.

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Our Purpose: Engineering a Cleaner, Healthier World™

Our strategic journey requires a uniting force that grounds, inspires and energizes us to address the world’s most important challenges though innovative products and services. Our purpose – Engineering a Cleaner, Healthier World™ – drives our daily actions and decisions. For our colleagues, it is the reason to foster stronger relationships, seek new perspective and push beyond where we are today. For our customers, it provides clarity in how we strive to partner with and drive positive impacts for them. And for all stakeholders, it is our commitment to focus all our efforts, abilities and resources on mutually beneficial outcomes and solutions.

Our Vision

Building on more than 100 years of excellence in thermal management, we provide trusted systems and solutions that improve air quality and conserve natural resources. Our vision is focused on the benefits our products deliver, knowing each improvement, advancement or new product we deliver directly improves people’s lives and helps preserve our planet.

Our Values

How we bring our strategy, purpose and vision to life is just as important as why we do it. Our values codify our commitments, competencies and culture, fully rooting our actions in the principles, beliefs and behaviors shared and exemplified across our entire organization.


Strategic Transformation Enhances Sustainability

We believe it is our corporate responsibility to lead the way in providing sustainable solutions for our customers and stakeholders. Not only is this in the interest of our stakeholders and the environment, but it also positions Modine as a leader in high-growth, high-return markets that are rapidly accelerating such as data centers, indoor air quality, heating, electric vehicles and coatings.

These markets are ripe for growth and demand solutions that enhance energy efficiency, clean air, water conservation and climate resilience. This journey embraces clean technology, drives efficiency through the 80/20 mindset and increases our impact in Engineering a Cleaner, Healthier World™


Focus the Organization

  • Build a high-performance organization
  • Simplify and segment the business
  • Make 80/20 a core part of our DNA

Perform and Deliver

  • Resource target verticals in key growth markets
  • Address and simplify underperforming businesses
  • Improve operational focus and pricing discipline

Accelerate Profitable Growth

  • Leverage new product offerings
  • Promote geographic expansion
  • Pursue opportunistic M&A

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