Empowering Our People


At Modine, we recognize that our 100-plus years of success are a direct result of the quality of our people. We take care in ensuring our employees feel supported, included and uplifted throughout their journey working at Modine. We take a detailed approach to Human Capital Management with a strategy organized into three pillars: Attraction and Recruitment, Retention and Engagement and Development and Performance.


Attract and Recruit

Modine positions itself as an employer of choice in every region in which we are located. This starts with identifying, reaching and attracting valuable team members to our organization. We prioritize diversity in hiring to ensure we are targeting and engaging the best candidates to strengthen our team, while offering a competitive benefits and compensation package that demonstrates our investment in our people.

Retain and Engage

We pride ourselves on being a people-centric and teamwork-focused organization that listens to, and engages with, our workforce. We foster engagement through an ongoing dialogue with employees from the day they join our team. All new employees go through a comprehensive onboarding program that helps them learn about our organization, our values and our people.

Development and Performance

At Modine, we provide opportunities for our team members to grow their professional skill sets to allow for advancement. This approach allows Modine to meet the needs of employees at any point along their career path by rewarding high-performing individuals while supporting and uplifting those who may need extra support.


Workforce Health and Safety

Protecting the health and safety of our employees is more than just a goal—it is a fundamental principle to which we reinforce our commitment every day.

Our Health and Safety Policy affirms the Company’s commitment and responsibility to conduct worldwide business operations in a safe and healthy manner.

The policy applies to all Modine employees and outlines our pledge to:

  • Take a proactive approach to resolving health and safety issues.
  • Promote and maintain safety systems and, through a behavior-based approach, achieve personal accountability and responsibility for safety at all levels in the organization.
  • Educate and train all employees to ensure appropriate safe practices are followed.
  • Implement continuous safety improvements resulting in the reduction of injury and illness risks.
  • Support the continual improvement of our health and safety performance.
  • Comply with or surpass all applicable governmental health and safety regulations and other requirements.


Safety Achievements Around the World

In 2021, we recognized three of our facilities for their safety achievements. Our facility in Ramos, Mexico, surpassed 1,500 days without a recordable safety incident, our facility in Louisville, Kentucky, reached 1,000 days without a recordable safety incident, and our facility in Sriperumbudur, India, reached 500 days without a recordable safety incident. These achievements are a result of the commitment our locations have for maintaining safe workplaces, following safe operating procedures and looking out for the well-being of each team member. Each facility conducted a safety event for their workforce to recognize the commitment to safety excellence of each and every team member.


Diversity and Inclusion

Modine is a stronger organization when we leverage—and promote—diversity in our workforce. We treat all people equally and with dignity, and we work every day to create relationships of belonging, inclusion and accountability where employees are assessed on merit and commitment to Modine’s guiding principles.

Our global Positive Work Environment Policy serves as a benchmark for instilling a respectful, fair and safe environment at each of our global locations. This policy, which applies to all Modine employees and contractors, underpins our emphasis on equal opportunity and treatment regardless of factors such as age, race, gender, religion, national origin or disability.