Improving Our Environment


As a global company with a large and diverse physical footprint, we understand that minimizing the impact our operations have on the planet is critical to our sustainability goals.

Modine is committed to conducting worldwide business operations in an environmentally responsible manner, as outlined in our Global Environmental Policy. As part of this policy, Modine empowers our employees worldwide to take a proactive approach to sustainability, be it through conserving energy and resources, preventing pollution or minimizing waste. In addition, we remained focused on updating and phasing in technology that enhances energy management, reduces emissions and conserves water.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Our ESG Steering Committee and Environmental Subcommittee (comprised of our CEO, CFO and General Counsel) play an important role in prioritizing projects that improve our environmental footprint.


All Modine manufacturing facilities worldwide operate with an Environmental Management System (EMS). Under our Global EMS, we evaluate manufacturing facilities to ISO 14001:2015 standards. We measure and track the environmental impact of our operations across a range of key performance indicators, including water use, energy use, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste generated.

We collect these metrics from all facilities monthly and send monthly reports of our environmental performance to our facility managers and leadership team.


Each Modine facility conducts an annual assessment of its individual environmental impacts to identify specific reduction targets. We empower each facility to create and conduct its own environmental action plan that contributes to our companywide reduction goals.


Climate Change

Since 2021 and our companywide transformation, our focus on climate change has matured extensively. Although we have been providing climate-friendly alternatives for decades, our transformation further ingrained climate action and resilience into our Company strategy and mission.

We believe the greatest positive contributions we make are through our innovations that support decarbonization, energy efficiency and improved air quality. In addition, we remain focused on monitoring and reducing our emissions and the environmental impacts of our operations.