Bar-Plate Charge-Air Coolers

Charge Air Cooler (AL-ET-CAC)

Bar-Plate Charge-Air Coolers

Modine aluminum bar-plate charge-air coolers are applied when a high degree of durability is required for the vehicle or machine. With a strong aluminum core construction and welded cast aluminum tanks, our bar-plate charge-air coolers can withstand extreme operating conditions.

Our bar-plate charge-air coolers use a Square Wave® fin design, which provides an open fin channel to promote higher performance and significantly less clogging.

Modine bar-plate charge-air coolers can also be applied to low volume applications based on its flexible platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged, robust, and very resistant to external damage, bar-plate charge-air coolers withstand extreme pressures under the most demanding operating environments.
  • Modine’s flexible bar plate portfolio offers multiple core depths, sizes, and fin densities to meet any application and system performance needs.

We continue to build on our advantage of bar-plate charge-air cooler innovations to provide customers with solutions that meets their vehicle cooling needs.

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