Welded-Tube Charge-Air Coolers

MD-HD Truck Welded Tube CAC

Welded-Tube Charge-Air Coolers

A welded-tube charge-air cooler (CAC) is used to cool engine intake air after it passes through the turbocharger to increase its density prior to the engine intake manifold for increased power and improved fuel economy.

CACs provide lower charge-air temperatures that help reduce fuel consumption in transient driving conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • The CAC performance and pressure drop characteristics can be optimized to meet any specific application needs through variations in the fin and insert density and type.
  • Welded-tube charge-air coolers are offered in multiple row configurations to optimize application flexibility and system performance.

We continue to build on our advantage of welded-tube charge-air cooler innovations to provide customers with CACs that meets their engine air-charge needs.

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