Battery Cooling & Heating – Battery Plate

Battery Plate

Battery Cooling & Heating – Battery Plate

To provide maximum lithium-ion battery life and optimum performance, Modine’s advanced battery cooling and heating solutions regulate battery temperatures within their optimal operating range under all conditions by transferring heat from a battery cooling plate through a two-phase battery chiller.

Features and Benefits

  • Mechanical and thermal interface to regulate the battery pack’s temperature.
  • Heated/cooled coolant flows through a cooling surface, which is in good thermal contact with the battery cells.
  • Coolant fitting alternatives available.
  • Design options:
    • Dimpled coolant passages with lower internal pressure drop.
    • Coolant passages with turbulator insert with higher pressure drop and increased heat rejection capacity.
  • Customizable plate sizes and coolant flow path.
  • Design developed to optimize flow distribution, internal pressure drop, thermal resistance, and surface temperature gradient.

We continue to build on the advantage of our battery heating and cooling innovations to provide customers optimum battery life and performance.

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