Round Tube Plate Fin Liquid-Cooled Charge-Air Coolers


Round Tube Plate Fin Liquid-Cooled Charge-Air Coolers

Liquid-cooled charge-air coolers (LCACs) utilizing round tube plate fin (RTPF) construction help diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers meet stringent emissions regulations and improve engine power and fuel economy.

Round Tube Plate Fin (RTPF) charge-air coolers are designed so that a cooling fluid passes through several round tubes and high-pressure turbocharged intake air flows over the fin and tube surfaces.

Typically used as an aftercooler downstream from a turbocharger, the RTPF LCAC cools the hot charge air to increase the intake’s air density before entering the engine. With the introduction of series turbocharging, intercooling is also necessary to reduce the charge air temperatures prior to being directed to the second compressor, allowing vehicle OEMs the flexibility to use lower cost materials for their second compressor.

Features and Benefits

  • Selecting the proper tube and header material can exceed thermal performance specifications, and corrosion and erosion resistance within the packaging space.

We continue to build on our advantage of RTPF liquid-cooled charge-air cooler innovations to provide customers with LCACs that meets their engine air-charge needs.

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