Custom Designed Modules – Construction & Mining


Custom Designed Modules – Construction & Mining

Modine cooling modules for construction and mining applications are designed to meet the harsh durability requirements for off- highway equipment. Our engineering teams will work with our customers to optimize performance within the given packaging constraints.

Our module designs can cover the range from light duty to heavy duty equipment, and can be configured for front-to-back, over-under, or side-by-side systems. Auxiliary components, such as fan shrouds and mounting features, can be added to further customize our solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Modine cooling modules are designed to optimize packaging, manage powertrain and vehicle temperatures, improve fuel economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and extend powertrain durability.
  • Modine delivers customized, fully designed modules that can be directly installed in the vehicle chassis on the OEM’s assembly line.

We continue to build on the advantage of custom designed module innovations to provide compact, lightweight, high-performance, and high-value cooling for construction and mining applications.

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