Custom Designed Modules – Electric Fan


Custom Designed Modules – Electric Fan

Modine’s advanced E-Fan Cooling Modules combine state-of-the-art heat exchanger technology and multiple electric fans specifically designed for optimized system performance, fuel economy and lower ambient noise.

The advanced E-Fan Cooling Module utilizes an aluminum tube-fin radiator, which is one of the most efficient and high-volume designs in the transit bus market today. This radiator construction dramatically increases durability, eliminates solder corrosion, and reduces weight (approximately 35%) versus conventional copper-brass radiator designs. This radiator utilizes a controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) process that results in a much stronger tube-to-header joint for greater durability and long life compared to copper-brass radiators.

Also included in Modine’s advanced E-Fan Cooling Module is our Bullet Nose™ charge-air cooler. This durable design offers increased thermal cycle and overall service life while improving engine power and fuel economy.

Modine’s E-Fan systems for the Cooling Module provide lower maintenance costs and reduced noise by eliminating the hydraulic fan/belt drive system typically seen in transit bus applications. The E-Fan’s patented system controls and fail-safe system use SAE J1939 communications, proprietary software and real-time diagnostics to provide the ability to control individual heat exchanger performance for  optimizing total system performance.

Simply put, the Modine advanced E-Fan Cooling Modules deliver the quietest, highest cooling performance of any E-fan cooling system available.

Features and Benefits

  • E-Fan technology enables fuel savings of up to 15% through high-efficiency heat exchangers, individual RAD/CAC/Hybrid circuit control, and reduction of parasitic power losses.
  • The typical E-Fan cooling module consumes about 80% less engine power than a comparable hydraulic/mechanical fan cooling module, resulting in greater efficiency or more horsepower to the wheels.

We continue to build on the advantage of custom designed module innovations to provide compact, lightweight, high-performance and high-value cooling for transit applications.

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