Heavy Duty Welded Tube Radiators

Heavy Duty Welded Tube Radiators

Heavy Duty Welded Tube Radiators

Modine’s heavy duty tube-fin aluminum radiators dramatically increase durability, eliminate solder corrosion, and reduce weight versus conventional copper-brass radiator designs.

These radiators use a Square Wave® fin design, which provides approximately 35% less weight than a standard copper-brass radiator design. Additionally, the Modine open fin channel design promotes higher performance and significantly less clogging.

Our tube-fin radiator offers a cost effective construction of a high volume, highly tooled product to meet the needs of low-volume markets such as agriculture, construction, specialty vehicle, and transit bus applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Tube-fin aluminum radiators are offered in multiple row and fin density combinations to optimize application flexibility and system performance.
  • These radiators utilize a controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) process, resulting in much stronger tube-to-header joints compared to copper-brass radiators.

We continue to build on the advantage of heavy duty aluminum radiator innovations to provide compact, lightweight, high-performance, and high-value cooling for transit applications.

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