HVAC, Defrost, Defog

HVAC, Defrost, Defog


The HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) Lab consists of many test stations, providing the following options: (a) air-conditioned space, with louvers to exhaust excessive heat and to allow low temperature testing; or (b) air-conditioned space that allows for control of ambient temperature. The labs are equipped to test electrically-powered, propane-fired, and natural gas-fired heating and ventilating systems.

Our test methods include:
Allowable air, blocked vent, category determination, clearance to combustibles, combustion, condensate, draft, flame roll out, general development, isothermal, leak decay, motor temperature rise, pilot operating characteristics/burner operating characteristics, profile, thermal cycle, thermal efficiency, and wind.

HVAC tests are also conducted in our Vehicle Test Lab. The Vehicle Test Lab consists of several climate chambers which are designed to test the HVAC systems in vehicle applications. The test methods that can be conducted in the Vehicle Test Lab include:  A/C Performance, Heater Performance, Defrost Performance, Defog Performance, A/C Charge determination, Cab Pressurization, and HVAC Louver Airflow Measurement.

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